Speak English Confidently.


Studying with a native English teacher will help you achieve your English goals faster. Let’s focus on YOU. Not all of the other English learners out there… just YOU. You’ll improve quickly, save money, time and make incredible progress.


I Want To Study With You!

You are wondering if you will EVER speak English fluently. You’ve been studying for years now… How long will it take?

Imagine you open your mouth… And English words flow out easily and naturally!

I know exactly what you’d do!

  • You’d finally get the promotion you’ve been working towards for the last 12 months!
  • You’d apply for the Masters program in London!
  • You’d start selling to new customers in America and Europe!
  • You’d plan that trip and go on an incredible adventure, travelling and meeting people around the world!


But right now, your English makes you feel embarrassed, your slow progress frustrates you and your dreams just seem too far out of reach.

I’ve been teaching hardworking students, just like you, for years. I know how frustrated you feel:

  • You’re doing everything you’re supposed to do – you’re going to weekly English classes, watching YouTube videos and spending all of your free time studying English… So why aren’t you improving?
  • You’re FRUSTRATED because you’ve got more thoughts to say, more ideas to discuss and more opinions to give – you just can’t find the words in English!
  • You’re TIRED of making the same English mistakes again and again!
  • You WISH you could easily learn new languages, like some of your friends!
  • You’re wondering if you are TOO OLD to learn English!


If that sounds like you, then you’re in the right place.

My English courses are intensepractical and fun – we work hard to give your English the boost you need, focusing on a range of different conversation skills with lots of one-on-one time (talking, chatting, sharing ideas, giving opinions and laughing!) with me.

These courses are perfect for Intermediate+ English learners who want to improve their speaking skills, pronunciation and fluency AND feel comfortable and confident in any English conversation!

mmmEnglish Courses:

Say It Right!

Private coaching with Emma – this intensive program will identify your pronunciation problems & coach you to speak clearly and confidently.

Imitation Lessons

Improve your English pronunciation and expression, while building your vocabulary with these fun imitation lessons!

Confidently Start Conversations

A group training program that will help you improve your speaking skills and Confidently Start Conversations… In English!

Here’s What Some Of My Students Are Saying:

I want to thank you for the course, is excellent; I need to practice and to practice and the course is perfect for that; I have been listening your videos every day.



Teacher Emma is just amazing. She is so good as well as friendly. She made me comfortable to speak and her communication skills are also very good. She is very committed.



If you want to improve and practice your English speaking skills, this course is what you are looking for!



Frequently Asked Questions

I live in a different timezone to you. How will we arrange a time to meet?
I frequently teach students in different time zones, so it won’t be a problem. I use You Can Book Me to schedule meeting times with my students. Here, you can view my online calendar and schedule a meeting in your local time. You can view it HERE.
What if I complete the course but my pronunciation doesn't improve?
Simple! If you don’t improve your pronunciation during the 4 week course, I will refund 100% of the course fees. To receive a refund, you must have attended all four lessons and completed the homework set for you during your course. You also need to submit a written letter outlining your reasons for requesting a refund.
What if I realise that this isn't right for me? Can I change my mind?

You can cancel out of the course within 7 days of the first lesson if you decide that this course is not right for you. I will refund your money.

What currency do you use?
All amounts are in USD.


How do I pay?
You can pay online via PayPal, a secure and trusted payment system.


Is Emma a native English speaker?

Yes, she is! She is Australian and currently lives in Melbourne. Australians use a combination of British and American English vocabulary, however they follow British grammar, spelling and pronunciation rules.

I want to learn American English pronunciation, is this course right for me?

To be clear, British and American English will be understood by ANY native English speaker – it’s the same language! The difference between British and American English creates a slightly different accent, uses a few different spelling rules and minor differences in Grammar rules. If you want to speak English clearly, so native English speakers can easily understand you, this course is for you. If you want to speak English with an American accent, this course is not for you. Contact me below for my recommended American English teachers.

Do you have another question? Ask Me Here!

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