GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING! I'm sitting here enjoying my morning coffee, my favourite time of day. It really is a special drink! We drink coffee with friends, family, colleagues – sometimes even for job interviews! The question is never “should I have a coffee?”, but “which coffee should I order?”

To celebrate International Coffee Day 2015, this post will explain some common coffee drinks you will see on café menus. Coffee menu’s can be overwhelming, but they are especially difficult to understand BEFORE you have your morning coffee. This list will help you be prepared for your next order!



A shot of espresso coffee, with a small amount of milk foam. [image]


(sometimes just called a “Cap”) This is a traditional and very popular coffee drink. It is a shot of coffee with warm milk, topped with foam and a sprinkle of chocolate powder.


(Sometimes called ‘Caffe Latte'): A shot of espresso coffee with freshly steamed milk. Café Latte’s don’t have milk foam like Cappucino’s. [image]

Long Black

This is espresso coffee without milk. It is a standard espresso (Short Black), blended with steamed (hot) water. It is very similar to an ‘Americano'.  [image]

Short Black

Short Black

The traditional intense coffee. It is a small but strong drink, commonly referred to as ‘Espresso’ [image]


A shot of espresso that is poured over a the top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yum!  [image]


Very similar to a Café Latte but with chocolate syrup added! Yum! [image]

Caffe Freddo

Chilled, sweetened espresso served in a tall glass, often on ice.  [image]

Coffee really is a special drink. I love that every country has their own unique, local coffee recipe. When I travel, find myself working or reading in a local cafe, sampling the local coffee. One of my favourites is Vietnamese Iced Coffee (‘Ca Phe Sua Da' – in the picture above) – strong and sweet!

What type of coffee do you drink?

In celebration of this wonderful drink, cheers! To coffee and coffee lovers everywhere! Happy Coffee Day!