Lesson Summary 

This video is a little different to my usual video lessons because it’s a video recording of me being interviewed on a podcast!

This was my first ever podcast, so I was a little nervous!

The podcast is called Real Life Global and each (week/month?) Ethan and Chad host a casual conversation on topics about English. Often the speak to English teachers and share study tips, often they chat together about particular topics. Either way, their podcast is a great way to listen to natural English, spoken by native English speakers.

I spoke about English confidence and give some tips on how to get more of it (more confidence that is). I also created a worksheet, just for listeners of the podcast, so make sure you listen to find out how to download it!

(Click here to download it!)

The podcast goes for about an hour, so make sure you grab a drink, relax and spend time listening to the whole conversation – I’m sure you are going to enjoy it!

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