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Thousands of mmmEnglish students have already discovered that the mmmEnglish Imitation Technique helps them to speak more clearly and confidently in English. They will help you:

– Improve your pronunciation (by practising with a native speaker!)
– Learn how to use tone, stress and facial expression to communicate in English.
– Learn new vocabulary and expressions (and how to use them in context)

I’ve just created a BRAND NEW series of imitation lessons, all about describing people in English. And now is the perfect time to try them… Because I have a special gift for you to claim! 🎁

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Video Transcript

Hello! I’m Emma from mmmEnglish! Here on the mmmEnglish Youtube channel, I create lessons to help you speak English more clearly and confidently!

My students, you guys, often ask me “How can I improve my speaking skills?”

Speaking confidently in another language and improving those skills requires a few different things, including:

  • Clear pronunciation.
  • A good range of vocabulary and expressions (including informal or colloquial language that’s often not taught in textbooks).
  • Understand and use language as it is spoken naturally. So in English, that includes the way that words link together – they contract and reduce.
  • How to use interjections: you know, like, ummm, ahhh.
  • You also need confidence and bravery to use the language aloud!

There’s a lot to think about and improve, right? But why not study all of these things together, naturally, at the same time? In the same way that children learn to speak their native language!

Now, that sounds like a very efficiency way to start making improvements to your English speaking skills! The mmmEnglish imitation lessons are a really practical way to improve all of these aspects of speech. Have you practised with these lessons, yet? These are some of the mmmEnglish imitation lessons that are already available.

But today, I want to share one of the latest imitation lessons. They’ve only just become available on the mmmEnglish website!

This lesson is part of a series of 10 imitation lessons, where you’ll practise describing people.  And we do this a lot, don’t we? We talk about our friends, our colleagues, our family, strangers that you sat next to on the bus! Being able to describe people well is an essential part of speaking English!

In some of these lessons, you’ll be describing people in a positive way, in others, it might be a little bit negative. And obviously, throughout all of these lessons, you’ll be learning lots of adjectives and expressions to talk about someone’s behaviour, their character, personality and feelings.

So, do you want to try it out now? If you’ve never practised with my imitation lessons before, then watch this video here for clear instructions on what you need to do! But, I think that most of you have already tried the mmmEnglish imitation lessons, so let’s jump straight in!

Step one: In this step, you just need to listen to the conversation and read the subtitles.

Shah: Don’t you hate it when people push in front of you in a queue?
Emma: Absolutely! Why? Did that happen to you?
Shah: Yeah, at the zoo today! You know, it’s school holidays, so it’s really busy. This woman comes along, totally selfish, with her three children. And you can tell, like, she’s really annoyed because there’s so many people. But instead of going to the back of the queue, she decides she’s going to push in.
Emma: Didn’t anyone say anything?
Shah: Well, not at first because she’s kind of standing down the front, you know, just like, pretending to be looking at the information board, like, with all the prices on it. But then, when the family at the front has finished paying, and like, they leave the counter, she jumps right in and calls her children over to join her! Like, no eye contact, nothing! Just straight in!
Emma: Surely someone said something then, didn’t they?
Shah: Oh yeah, and not just one person! Like, everybody had something to say – even the lady at the ticket counter! Serves her right! I mean, it’s so inconsiderate! You know, to think, like, you’re so much more important than everybody else. You know, and so, you don’t have to wait in the queue. When everybody else has to stand there and wait, right?
Emma: So, what happened?
Shah: Well, she tried to tell everyone that she didn’t realise that there was a queue! Which is completely untrue! They ended up leaving altogether. I think she would have felt really embarrassed about her behaviour. And I felt so sorry for her kids too, you know? You could see on their faces, they were so upset!
Emma: Well, I think she probably learned her lesson then.
Shah: Ha! Well, yeah, hopefully! But with people like that, who knows?!

Step two: Now it’s your turn. You’ll hear the same conversation again, but this time, you’re going to imitate or copy the native English speaker. Repeat what they say aloud, when the video pauses.

Step three: Now, you need to shadow the native speaker. And this part usually takes a bit of practice – so don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time. Try to speak at the same time as the native speaker!

Nice work! There are lots more lessons just like this one. In fact, you can get 10 new imitation lessons for just $14.99. And you will be able to start improving your speaking skills today. You’ll also get vocabulary guides and transcripts for every lesson, to help you practise. Plus, if you purchase these lessons within two weeks of this video going live, you will get 3 bonus lessons. They are conversation guides that will help you to understand more about how English is spoken naturally. These bonus lessons will take you deeper into English conversation and make them easier to understand. To find out more about these lessons and the special bonus, click this link, right here!

And I’ll see you again very soon in another mmmEnglish lesson! Bye for now!

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