The Lingoda Language Marathon is the BIGGEST language challenge of the year… And this year, I've enrolled! 🏆

Do you think you are up for the challenge too?

(Keep reading if you have NO IDEA what the Lingoda Language Marathon is… But if you are ready to sign up to complete the challenge, here are the details:

Enrol via Lingoda's website (Click the button below to enrol) and make sure you use the VOUCHER CODE: SPEAK34 so you don't pay the entry fee! 🙌

If you haven't heard about the Lingoda Language Marathon yet, I'm thrilled that you have found this blog post today – there's STILL TIME to enrol! (Just…. Enrolments close on Monday 13th May, 2019!)

All explain all the details here in this video: 

Enrolments close 13th May 2019 (Eeeek… That's on Monday!)

🌟JOIN ME!  I'm taking the Lingoda Marathon too!

If you do decide to take the challenge, let's help each other and SHARE our experience!  I've created a private Facebook Group just for mmmEnglish students who have enrolled in the marathon. JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP HERE!  I've signed up to the Lingoda Marathon, so join me in my private Facebook Group so we can help each other to complete the Marathon (and try to get our refund!💰)


What is Lingoda and why do I love them?

Lingoda is Europe's biggest online language school where you can learn English 🇬🇧, German 🇩🇪, Spanish 🇪🇸 or French 🇫🇷 online and fast, with experienced native-speaking teachers.

I've been taking Spanish classes with Lingoda and I absolutely love them! I love the small group classes, organised lessons and flexible class times.


The Lingoda Language Marathon is a CHALLENGE to take your English skills to the next level!


Just like a regular marathon…. The Language MARATHON is a commitment of effort, to dramatically boost your fluency in just 3 months.

If you take the FULL marathon, you need to complete one lesson, every day, for three months.

Yes, seriously! 

But here's the AWESOME thing…

Lingoda WANT to help you reach this goal! So…

If you complete the FULL marathon, Lingoda will refund the full cost of your lesson fees!

(That means, if you complete the marathon successfully, you'll have had three months of language lessons… For FREE!) 

The FULL marathon is the ULTIMATE language challenge! (But there's plenty of incentive to complete it!) 

But, if the FULL marathon is impossible for you… Did you know there is a HALF marathon?

It’s 15 classes per month, for three months. And if you get through all of them, Lingoda will REWARD you with a 50% refund!



The marathon can be taken by all English levels – there are classes for beginners up to intermediate and advanced. You'll be able to improve your conversations, vocabulary, speaking and grammar skills in just 3 months and earn up to a 100% refund on your fees.

Not sure which marathon you should enrol in?
Test your English level here.

You can take the marathon in English, French, German or Spanish… And this year, you're able to complete the marathon in BUSINESS ENGLISH! (It's an awesome opportunity to get your company/boss to help you cover the fees! Imagine what your boss would say if you got all of those refunded at the end of the marathon!) 🙌


When does it start?

The marathon starts on May 27th 2019 and finishes on August 24th 2019.

Want to read and hear more about the Marathon?

Read testimonials from Lingoda students here!
Check out Lingoda on Instagram!


Let me know if you do sign up… I'm doing the marathon too!!! 🇪🇸

I'd love you to join me on the ride! If you sign up for the Lingoda Marathon (AWESOME!)… Come and hang out with me here in this Facebook Group. I think we need to keep each other accountable!

Did you know….?

Lingoda is a sponsor on my YouTube Channel, but I'm also a paying customer of theirs. I really believe in their products and the opportunities they provide to language learners. I'm genuinely excited about the opportunity to improve my Spanish quickly – and make significant improvements! (Though I'm definitely feeling a little daunted about the challenge I've set for myself!)

Yay for pushing comfort zones! 😬😬😬

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