Lesson Summary 

Australians are known for their unique slang expressions. Slang is informal, everyday words and expressions, usually more common in spoken English, rather than written English.

Australian culture is known to be quite casual and laidback – so these expressions, although informal, can be heard in lots of different contexts (including professional). Becoming familiar with these common Australian slang expressions will help you get one step closer to understanding Australians! 😅🦘🐨🇦🇺

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Video Timestamps
Section 1

10 VERY Australian Expressions we talked about in this video:

10:49 1. (to) chuck a sickie
12:56 2. You’ll often head Australians saying that “something is crook/sick”… (which can be both a good thing AND a bad thing!)
16:06 3. (to give someone) a bum steer
18:50 4. (to be) spewing = to be really upset about something (HINT: spew = throw up/vomit)
20:04 5. (to) crack it (or even worse, (to) crack the shits!
24:51 6. (to be) pissed = to be very annoyed OR very drunk/pissed off
27:06 7. (to) take the piss
30:45 8. (to be) up himself/herself = arrogant, stuck up
35:11 9. (to) shit yourself
38:07 10. (to) give (someone) the shits

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