Hi! I'm Emma,

your English Confidence Coach.


I work with busy, motivated students who want to become

bolder, braver, more confident English speakers.















I know you. I'm sure I've met you before…

Right now, your English makes you feel embarrassed, your slow progress frustrates you and your dreams just seem too far out of reach.

  • You’re FRUSTRATED because you’ve got more thoughts to say, more ideas to discuss and more opinions to give – you just can’t find the words in English!
  • You're WORRIED about making mistakes, feeling EMBARRASSED and looking silly when you speak English.
  • You WISH you were naturally good at learning new languages, like some of your friends!
  • You’re wondering if you are TOO OLD to learn English!
  • You’re TIRED of making the same English mistakes again and again and again!
  • You’re doing everything you’re supposed to do – you’re going to weekly English classes, watching YouTube videos and spending all of your free time studying English… So why aren’t you improving?

I help my students launch their classroom English, into the real world! I help them to improve their English conversation skills, so they become confident listeners and more natural English speakers.

When you work with me you get access to my knowledge and experience as a CELTA qualified TESOL teacher who has successfully worked with hundreds of ESL students from around the world.

As we work together I’ll encourage you to push harder, challenge your bad habits and poor word choices, practice more effectively and give you as much honest feedback as you need to take your English from good to great.

You will work closely with me. You'll study natural, native English conversation and be able to listen effectively to native speaker's conversations and speak clearly, naturally and confidently so that you’ll never feel intimidated by an English conversation ever again!

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I look forward to meeting you soon!