How to Improve your English

with the Grammerly (Grammar Checking) App

OK, let's get one thing straight.

It doesn't matter who you are or how excellent your English is, we all make mistakes when writing.

If we don't know how to spell a word, or your finger slips and presses the wrong key… Mistakes happen.  – we don't want the Before I finish, I want to tell you about an awesome tool that can help you make fewer mistakes with homonyms (and also with spelling and grammar generally). It is going to be your secret weapon!

If you've watched my video lessons about homonyms, articles, confusing words and silent letters, you'll already know how easy it is to make mistakes when you are writing in English! Before I finish, I want to tell you about an awesome tool that can help you make fewer mistakes with homonyms (and also with spelling and grammar generally). It is going to be your secret weapon!

So I want to share an amazing FREE tool that you can use to correct your spelling, improve your grammar and build your English vocabulary. (YES! It really can do all of that!!) 

On this page you'll learn:

  • How the Grammarly grammar checker can help you to improve your English.
  • How you can download and install the Grammarly Grammar checker for FREE!
  • How Grammarly Premium can help you to improve your IELTS or TOEFL writing score.

What is Grammarly? 

Grammarly is an online spelling and grammar checker. And it is such a great tool for English language students!  And best of all, you can try Grammarly for free!

If you’re not already using Grammarly, you need to be. It is the best way to check your grammar for free.

When you are writing emails to colleagues and clients; preparing presentations and assignments; or practising for your IELTS writing exam, you need Grammarly to show you the writing mistakes that you are making and teach you how to fix them.

  • If you are an advanced English student, preparing for your IELTS, TOEFL exams, Grammarly is perfect for you. It helps you to see and understand your poor grammar and vocabulary choices and shows you how to improve them.
  • If you are an intermediate – upper-intermediate level student, use Grammarly to test and check your English, identify grammar problems and learn how to fix them.
  • If you are an English learner OR a native speaker, install Grammarly to do your proof-reading for you and don't get caught making silly mistakes in important emails, reports, essays, tweets and posts.

 (In fact, I'm using Grammarly right now to make sure this article is 👌🏼)

Grammarly will help you to see your grammar errors and show you how to fix them! It will also give you a detailed explanation about the type of error that you have made, so you can understand it and learn from it. Grammarly will show you when:

  • You have used the wrong preposition or article
  • Your subject and verb don’t match (subject-verb agreement)
  • You may have used the wrong verb form
  • You have used the passive voice, but you should be suing the active voice!
  • You have used the wrong word form (EG: when you have used an adverb instead of an adjective!)
  • You have used the wrong pronoun!
  • You make silly mistakes (EG: you accidently write this instead of these)
  • Plus much more (it can explain 150 types of grammar errors!)

Another VERY COOL feature is that each week, Grammarly emails you a summary of the most common grammar mistakes you have been making and gives you some tips to help you fix them. Watch this video to show you these awesome features.

I use Grammarly every day. Yes, that’s right! Even your English teacher checks her writing using Grammarly (just to make sure)! 😉

How much does it cost?     

IT’S FREE! The best thing about Grammarly is that it offers a free plan. When you sign up, you’ll be able to download the browser extension (available for Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari)  Once you download the app to your Google Chrome browser, you will INSTANTLY be able to SEE your grammar mistakes, as you are typing.

Grammarly is super easy to use. It automatically checks your grammar while you are on the internet. While you are writing emails, blog posts and essays, Grammarly is working hard. It even corrects your tweets and Facebook posts!

Grammarly will help you fix the mistakes you are making AND explain what you are doing wrong, so you can learn from your common your mistakes.

By now you must be asking… “How can I get Grammarly?”

Easy! Sign up for the free account here. The Grammarly app will start working on your internet browser immediately.

Are you preparing for the IELTS or TOEFL tests?

Grammarly Premium can help you succeed.

What is Grammarly Premium?

If you try Grammarly for free and love it like I do, you can always upgrade to the premium plan which includes even more fantastic tools, such as:

  • An advanced grammar checker (which can correct 250+ grammatical errors)
  • Vocabulary Enhancement which scans your text and suggests better words or synonyms if you have too much repetition.
  • Genre specific writing style checks
  • A Plagiarism Checker to make sure your work is original.


If you regularly write emails, prepare assignments or write reports for business, I really recommend the Premium package. It’s fantastic for native speakers and English learners alike because it will give you confidence that your writing will be intelligent and professional. Grammarly Premium costs as little as $11.66/per month and for the ease of mind and progress you can make, it’s an excellent investment!