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Imitation Technique Series 1

12 x Video Lessons
9 x Vocabulary lists
Full lesson transcripts
Downloadable Audio files

Imitation Technique Series 2

12 x Video Lessons
10 x Vocabulary lists
Full lesson transcripts
Downloadable Audio files

Carolina (Colombia)

If you want to improve your pronunciation, the lessons are perfect because you can practice in anytime, many times! It’s perfect for improving your listening, your vocabulary, your grammar and your pronunciation. It’s the same way I learned my native language. I listened to my father and mother, then I copied and repeated and then I could speak in Spanish!

Sara (Iran)

Imitation lessons provide an opportunity for me to practice English speaking in real situations and around many different topics. I can see the improvement in my pronunciation and intonation as well as the listening skills. It turned English learning a fun and enjoyable activity for me. I watch videos on the train, at work and almost every time during the day. I know I need to practice, practice and practice in order to get the best of them.

Ráissa (Brazil)

My skills have definitely improved! By watching these lessons and practising I can see a huge, huge development in my pronunciation. Not only because you can practice and hear how spoken English works, but also these imitation lessons help you feel more confident and prepare yourself to speak English for real!

Eder (Brazil)

Studying with the imitation lessons makes me more confident and helps me to achieve my goal of speak fluently in English faster and faster. I think imitation lessons are a complete method to improve our language skills.

Bernhadt (Germany)

My skills of speaking have improved. In the case when customers had phoned me in the past, I couldn’t tell them something. It was quite difficult for me to form the sentence, and now it is easier.

Deepak (India)

It’s great to copy the natural sounds of a native speaker. It makes me more confident about my English. And I understand people better, because I used to the accent. It definitely helps me with pronunciation because I learn the exact pronunciation from native speakers. I’m also learning about intonation, expression, emotions, just by imitating. It’s the natural tendency of learning anything. Right from when we were born, we copy our parents. I think it’s the most effective way to learn speaking.