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Our new online course “10 Common Mistakes English Learners Make” combines ten video lessons with ten quizzes to help you avoid common grammatical mistakes and practise what you learn.

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You simply need to complete the course! Inside the course, there are 10 English lessons – Emma will teach you how to avoid making the 10 most common grammar mistakes that English learners make!  When you complete the course, you'll go into the draw to win our monthly prize!

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How to enter

1. Subscribe to the mmmEnglish YouTube channel.

2. Click “Join the challenge” and go through the checkout and buy the “10 Common Mistakes English Learners Make” course.

3. Complete the course including all 10 quizzes by midnight 31st October 2021.

4. Tell us in 100 words or less why YOU should win the prize!

5. Entries close at midnight 31st October 2021.

Terms and eligibility: 1. You must be a subscriber of the mmmEnglish YouTube channel to be eligible for the prizes. 2. You must provide a valid email address when enrolling in the course in order to be eligible for the draw. 3. Limit of one entry per subscriber. 4. Prizes drawn by mmmEnglish judges on November 01 2021, wholly at the discretion of mmmEnglish and the judges' decisions are final. 5. T-shirts include worldwide postage to winner's nominated address. 6. Prizes may not be exchanged for cash or transferred.