10 Common Mistakes English Learners Make


This short course will help you to learn about the 10 most common mistakes made by English learners. Study these grammar points and improve your English grammar!

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About the course

10 Common Grammar Mistakes English Learners Make

We created this short course to help you learn about the 10 most common mistakes made by English learners; study these grammar points; improve your English grammar!

By completing this course you will:

  • Learn about the 10 most common grammar mistakes
  • Find out which areas of grammar you feel confident with and are good at!
  • Understand which areas of grammar you need to improve (so you know what topics you need to spend more time studying).
  • Be able to enter the mmmEnglish competition! (Make sure you complete the lessons and quizzes by midnight on May 31st, 2018.)


Lesson 1 – Know your irregular verbs!
Lesson 2 – Do your verbs and subjects agree?
Lesson 3 – Understand uncountable nouns!
Lesson 4 – Articles a | an | the
Lesson 5 – Prepositions in | on | at | by
Lesson 6 – Auxiliary verbs do | be | have
Lesson 7 – Forming questions correctly
Lesson 8 – Getting Present Perfect.. Perfect!
Lesson 9 – Present Perfect or Past Simple?
Lesson 10 – Adjust your adjectives! -ed or -ing?
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