Imitation Technique (Series 2) + Pronunciation Training


A package of 10 imitation lessons to practice conversations and describing people PLUS the additional pronunciation training.

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This is a pack of 10 imitation lessons that include conversations that will help you improve your English speaking skills. All 10 lessons will help you to practice describing people in English.

These lessons will help you improve your English pronunciation and expression by training with a native English speaker! By practising with these lessons, you'll learn new vocabulary and expressions, practice correct pronunciation, intonation, stress and how to use interjections naturally while you speak.

The pronunciation guides will help you to learn more about the way English is spoken naturally. They include specific training about how English sounds link together, reduce and contract to help you sound more natural.

This pack includes:

  • Introduction Video
  • Instruction Video
  • 10 imitation Lessons (each lesson is 8-10 minutes long)
  • 10 vocabulary
  • 10 lesson transcripts
  • 10 downloadable audio files
  • 3 Pronunciation Training lessons (over 70 minutes of video)


Please note that the lessons are hosted by Vimeo, a video sharing platform currently unavailable in China, Turkey and Indonesia, unless you are using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).