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This course is for busy English students who want to fix their pronunciation errors so they speak clearly and naturally… And so that native speakers can understand them easily!

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‘Say It Right!’ is an intensive 4-week pronunciation course for ESL students who want to fix their pronunciation mistakes quickly and feel confident that they are saying English words right!

How does it work?
In this course, I’ll work very closely with you to correct your most common pronunciation errors. Before our classes officially begin, we’ll have a 20-minute video call to introduce ourselves and identify specific goals you have. I’ll also ask you to read a simple script aloud. I’ll use this to identify your specific pronunciation problems before our first lesson, so we can get started right away! We’ll also agree on a time to meet each week.
Each week you will have a 1-hour Skype lesson with me that will be recorded and available for you to listen back to again and again.
You’ll have worksheets and weekly homework tasks to complete which you can submit for feedback.
‘Say It Right!’ will help you:
  • Identify your ‘problem sounds’ – the English sounds that you find difficult to use. Each week, we will practice and improve these sounds using exercises that will train your mouth to make each sound correctly.
  • Practice these ‘problem sounds’ together with other English sounds, so you can correctly pronounce English words and be understood by other English speakers.
  • Reduce and link sounds in English words so you sound more natural – like a native speaker!
  • Focus on word stress and sentence stress so you speak English more naturally!
  • To feel more comfortable speaking to native speakers and more confident that you will be understood!
Your lessons will be designed to practice YOUR pronunciation problems. The program is flexible and extendable to meet your needs, so you can feel confident that we will produce significant improvements to your pronunciation.

‘Say It Right’ is different from other courses you’ve tried before, because:

  • I focus on YOU. All of your lessons are created for you, to fix YOUR pronunciation errors.
  • You have your own personal native English teacher who WILL correct your mistakes. I will tell you exactly what you are doing wrong and show you how to fix it.
  • I will push you hard to complete all homework tasks and extra practice activities every day during the course. This intensive it’s going to help you changes to the way you speak English
  • Face-to-face video meetings mean you will get real-time corrections and explanations AND get to practice your conversation skills!
  • Your homework tasks are tailored to your needs and you receive feedback for every task, every week.
  • You’ll receive a Certificate of Completion once you complete the course.
‘Say It Right’ will fix your pronunciation errors quickly, efficiently and with the support of a native English teacher – so that you can overcome your pronunciation difficulties and keep working towards fluent English, faster.
For all of this, the cost is just $399 for the complete package.
*Click here to learn about our money back guarantee.

Don’t wait another month, another year. You CAN achieve the results you want, right now.

I can teach only a limited number of students. Currently, there are a few places left in my program to take on new students, so be quick!

We are fully booked at the moment. Please email [email protected] to get on the waiting list..

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Let’s fix your pronunciation mistakes so that you can speak English clearly and confidently!

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My Students Often Ask These Questions:

What if I complete the course but my pronunciation doesn't improve?
I am so confident that I can help you improve your English pronunciation, that I will refund 100% of the course fees if you are unsatisfied and your pronunciation does not improve.
To receive a refund, you must have attended all four lessons and completed the homework set for you during your course. You also need to provide an email explaining your reasons for requesting a refund.
What if I realise that this course isn't right for me? Can I cancel?

Refunds will be provided if a refund request is made within 7 days of the course start date. Please visit this webpage for more details on mmmEnglish’s Refund Policy.

Can I reschedule classes?
 We will agree on a regular meeting time during our first video call, so we meet at the same time every week. But, sometimes other things come up and you need to reschedule. That’s OK! You just need to give me 24 hours notice and we can reschedule to another time.
I am an Elementary ESL student, is this course right for me?
Students of any English level can take this training course, however, Elementary and Pre-Intermediate level learners should not expect to complete the course within four weeks. Course extensions can be discussed and arranged during the initial briefing.


I live in a different timezone to you. How will we arrange a time to meet?
I frequently teach students in different time zones, so it won’t be a problem. I use You Can Book Me to schedule meeting times with my students. Here, you can view my online calendar and schedule a meeting in your local time. You can view it HERE.
Is Emma a native English speaker?

Yes, she is! She is Australian and currently lives in Melbourne. Australians use a combination of British and American English vocabulary, however they follow British grammar, spelling and pronunciation rules.

I want to learn American English pronunciation, is this course right for me?

To be clear, British and American English will be understood by ANY native English speaker – it’s the same language! The difference between British and American English creates a slightly different accent, uses a few different spelling rules and minor differences in Grammar rules. If you want to speak English clearly, so native English speakers can easily understand you, this course is for you. If you want to speak English with an American accent, this course is not for you. Contact me below for my recommended American English teachers.

What currency do you use?
All amounts are in USD.


How do I pay?
You can pay online via PayPal, a secure and trusted payment system.