Dinner at Home (with the Present Continuous)!

Video Lesson #02

The best way to learn new words is in the context of a larger story. In this video, Emma invites you into her home for a casual dinner. Listen to the conversation between Emma and Shah and think about the relaxed context. 

In this video learners will: 

 – Practice the present continuous tense .

 – Learn new vocabulary relating to meal times. 

 – Listen to native speakers having a casual, relaxed conversation between friends. 

Watch the video once to understand the context and new vocabulary, then watch it a second time to focus on the grammatical structures. 

Hey Emma.

Oh, hey Shah!

How are you going?

Pretty good.

What’s for dinner?

Ummm…I feel really lazy today so I just wet to the supermarket and got a barbecued chicken. And I’m just cutting up the ingredients for a salad. I’ve cut up some cucumber, sliced some onion, grated some carrot and cut up some capsicum and tomatoes. And I’m just going to add it to the lettuce and mix it all through with some salad dressing. Easy!

Mmm… Sounds delicious! Can I help you set the table?

That’d be great! Umm… The plates are in the cupboard and the glasses are on the bench.

Ok, I’ll get to it!


Would you like some salad?

Yeah, I’d love some. Thanks.


Yes, please.

Could you pass the bread, please? Thanks. And the butter?

Yep. There you go.


Mmm… I’m so hungry.

Me too.

Well don’t wait for me, you can start!

Ok, great!


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