Online dinners? Let's eat together!!!

Video Lesson #10
Are you free tonight? Let's eat together! Food helps you feel relaxed and confident when meeting new people – and I want you to feel relaxed and confident practicing English with me! So… get something to eat and then let's chat, learn and practice English! You'll learn about the words ‘hangry' and ‘takeaway' and learn why learning collocations is important! Did you enjoy this video? Do you want to eat dinner together again soon? Tell me in the comments below!

Video Script:

Hey guys! I’m going to try something new today. Eating and sharing food – I feel like it makes us more comfortable and more relaxed. So, I’m wondering if you would like to have dinner with me tonight? If you do, go and grab your dinner, grab a drink, come back and have a chat with me!

Lucky you’ve got me now actually, because about 10 minutes ago I was really hangry! Hangry. Yes, hangry! So, (that’s) the feeling you get when you’re really, really hungry and so it makes you feel irritated or annoyed! Things aren’t happening like you want them to, you need some food to make you feel better! Shah’s always like “Quick, get her some food! Eat something! She’s going crazy!” About 10 minutes ago I was hangry, but my food has just arrived.

That’s right, my food has arrived. Which means, I’ve got takeaway tonight! Yessss! What have I got for my dinner?

Here is my dinner. It is my takeaway dinner. I didn’t make it myself. I bought it from a restaurant and someone delivered it to my house. So, someone from the restaurant brought it to my house. They delivered it to me.

I call it ‘takeaway’ but actually (ummm..) Americans, or people who speak American English call it ‘takeout’. So there’s two different nouns for food that you don’t eat in a restaurant but you don’t cook at home. ‘Takeaway’ in British English and ‘takeout’ in American English. Almost the same, but a little bit different. I’m from Australia, so I call it ‘takeaway’ food, which is the same as British English, but actually we use words from both American English and British English – we’re pretty easy!

This is my (most) favourite takeaway food ever! It is… Let me show you what I have. So, in here I have some rice noodles, white rice noodles and some fresh greens and herbs. So some basil, Thai basil, some cucumber, some spring onions and some fresh lettuce. So that’s all been chopped up in here. And then, the good bits! Fried tofu, puffed rice (like kind of crunchy rice), and here is a mix of crispy fried shallots and chillies, so it’s really – and peanuts – so it’s really crunchy! So all I have to do is pour all of these ingredients into my noodles and my fresh greens. Umm… So this sauce has – it’s a salty sauce – it’s like soy sauce with garlic and chilli in it. I’m going to add the sauce to my noodles and then I’ll take my chopsticks and mix, mix, mix, mix, mix, mix…

Yum, yum, yum, yum..

I used to get in trouble all the time from my mum and so did my brothers actually. We used to get so excited about dinner and food that we’d be like, jiggling, dancing around in our chairs! My brother would even stand up on his chair and be like, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” And, you know, I still do it. Still get excited about dinner! So the sauce and the chilli is all mixed in and now I’m going to add all of my good crunchy bits in. So there’s all my crunchy bits in there.

Yum! Seriously, you guys. You have to try this one day. Like, look how good that looks! So good! I love this meal because you get so much in one little box, or in one little salad! SO you get the soft noodles – all like chewy and nice and squishy in your mouth. Then you get the crunchy lettuce and cucumber and nice fresh flavours from the greens. Then you get all the crunch from the puffed rice and the fried shallots and the peanuts! And then you get – from the sauce you get the salty, chilli sort of flavours. And then you get this delicious, hot, fried tofu on top – so good!

So… What are you eating tonight? Maybe you can tell me, maybe you can write it in the comments. Mmmm… yum!

My dinner has no meat in it tonight, it’s a vegetarian dish. SO, vegetarian food doesn’t have any meat in it, at all. And vegetarians are people who don’t eat meat! I’m not a vegetarian, I do eat meat, but this dish doesn’t have any meat in it at all.

My fiancé Shah, who I know you’ve seen in some of my other videos, he is a huge meat eater! When he’s not with me for dinner, usually I eat vegetarian food because I don’t get a chance to otherwise!

Are you laughing at how I use chopsticks? I think I’m ok. I’ve lived in Asia a little bit and I’ve learned a few tricks, but I don’t really have very good skills. I can eat, I can eat with peanuts actually! I mean, I can eat peanuts with chopsticks! Which I think, is a very good skill to have!

Let’s talk about collocations! Mmm… Collocations are super important. The best tip that I can give you for learning new vocabulary is to learn words in ‘chunks’ or in groups. So instead of just learning ‘takeaway’ – just the word, on its own – ‘takeaway’ or ‘takeout’, learn it with other words that it’s commonly used with. So, for example, I got takeaway.

You’ll hear it all the time and it must be so frustrating, but people (English speakers) say, “It doesn’t sound right” and sometimes your English teachers will be saying “No, it just doesn’t sound right!” OK? It’s like ‘make a party’. All of my students do this all the time, they say “Teacher, I’m going to make a part this weekend!” Make a party? (It) doesn’t sound right! So with the noun ‘party’, we always use the verbs ‘have’ or ‘throw’. Throw a party. “I’m throwing a party this weekend, you should come!”, “My brother’s having a party”. But, we would never say “I’m making a party this weekend”. It’s just… Just don’t do it! It’s just wrong! So it’s really important to learn words that are collocated together.

I am almost finished and I don’t think I can eat any more, I’m full! I did a pretty good job, there’s not very much left! But I am.. I feel quite full! So, I might stop there! How was your dinner?

Well, if you’ve enjoyed yourself as much as I have, make sure you let me know! ‘Like’ the video, or leave me a comment to tell me that ‘yes’, you enjoyed it, you think it’s a good idea because if you do, I’ll make some more! Maybe we should have dinner once a fortnight, once a month. Alright guys, well this has been really fun! I hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves and I’ll see you very soon, I’m sure! Bye!


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