Conversation Practice: What's your favourite pizza?

Video Lesson #10


This is the very first video in the QuestionTUBE series, where we study a new question every week to help build your confidence with English conversation.

Our question this week is: ‘What’s your favourite pizza?'

 I’ll show you how to ask it (and) how to answer it. We’ll listen to some real world examples from native English speakers answering your question and we’ll learn a follow question to ask, so we can keep our conversation going. And we’ll learn when to ask this question. So keep watching!

Firstly, lets practice asking this question:

 What's   /'wɒts/

This is the contracted form of ‘what is’ – so to sound more natural, ask ‘what’s’. Remember that the ‘h’ is silent, so the most difficult part to pronounce in this word is the consonant cluster /ts/. What’s. What’s.

Your    /'jɔ:/  or  /'jə/

This is the unstressed word in our question so we can reduce it to /'jə/

Favourite   /'feɪv(ə)rɪt/

Sometimes you’ll hear this word pronounced with 3 syllables but most of the time you’ll hear it with just two. ‘Fay-vrit' ‘Fay-vrit'. Favourite. (Note American English spelling is favorite.)

Pizza   /'pi:tsə/

Lots of English learners mispronounce this word, saying ‘peeza’ or ‘pissa’ instead. It actually has the same consonant cluster as ‘what’s’ /ts/. ‘Pee-tsa'. ‘Pee-tsa'. Pizza.

Because this question is not ‘yes’ or ‘no’, then the intonation needs to go down at the end of our question. [To learn more about question intonation, click here.] What’s your favourite pizza? What’s your favourite pizza? Now, your turn. Good, one more time.

“Me? My favourite pizza is Margarita”

Now what? That’s right. We need to think of a follow-up question to ask, to keep our conversation going! Maybe you’re thinking …. Ahh… Mar-ga-what? Maybe you don’t know what type of pizza that is!

We can ask a simple question ‘What’s on it?' to find out what ingredients are on a Margarita pizza. What's on it? Hear how those four words come together? To sound more natural you can say watsonit? What's on it? What's on it?

“It has mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato and basil (on it).”

 Now practice asking your question and hear some native English speakers answer you – What’s your favourite pizza? Remember to ask your follow up question – “What’s on it?” – to keep your conversation going!

[Native English Speakers talking]

 Great! So we know how to ask it and how to answer it. Lets look at when to ask this question. When starting any conversation in English, it’s important to make sure your sentence makes sense in the context of the conversation. So, if a group of people are talking about motorbikes, it‘s strange to say “Hey guys, what’s your favourite pizza?”

A good time to ask this question is if people are eating pizza, you can see or smell pizza, you are walking past a pizza shop or if people are talking about pizza! Then go ahead and ask this question!

There’ll be lots more videos just like this so you can practice asking questions, pronouncing them, listening to answers and answering questions yourself, in English!

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