Common Kitchen Nouns: What's that called?!

English Video Lesson #03

Build and practice your English vocabulary and take a tour of Emma's kitchen! You will learn 25 common kitchen nouns and the important features of a western kitchen. Don't say, “errr… ummm…. the thing that you put the meat in!” Learn the correct nouns to use in the kitchen when you're cooking and learn to pronounce them correctly.

Video Script:

Hello everyone! Welcome to another lesson at! I’m your teacher, Emma. In today’s lesson, I’m taking you on a tour of a kitchen! We are going to learn and practice some important kitchen vocabulary and how to pronounce it. Learning and practicing these words will help you to easily understand my lessons, recipes and improve your vocabulary.

Ready? Let’s go!

This is the refrigerator, or the ‘fridge’. The fridge. Down here is the freezer. It’s where we keep ice cream and make ice. The freezer.

Here is the sink. This is the tap (‘faucet’ in American English) and the sink is where we wash the dishes. If you’re lucky, you have one of these: A dishwasher. A dishwasher. Here is a cupboard. There are three cupboards above the sink.

This is the microwave. The microwave. And here is the pantry. The pantry is where I keep my food. There are four shelves here. This is one shelf. There are four shelves in my kitchen. This is where I make my toast! It’s called the toaster. This is my kettle. I use it to make hot water. It’s the kettle. Here is my mortar and pestle. I use it to grind seeds and herbs. It’s my mortar and pestle.

Here is a very important part of my kitchen. This is my stove. I have a gas stove, so when I light the stove, it makes fire. If you have an electric stove, you turn on your stove to heat your food. And below my stove is my oven. This is where I bake and roast meat and vegetables. This is called the benchtop. The benchtop. And here, are three drawers. This is a drawer. This drawer is the cutlery drawer. The cutlery is my forks, my knives and my spoons together is ‘the cutlery’.

This is the fruit bowl. It’s where I keep my fruit. It’s my fruit bowl. Here is my coffee machine (or my coffee maker). And there is one more fridge in my kitchen. A small fridge, that has only drinks in it. It’s called a bar fridge. And there is one more part of my kitchen that’s outside! This is the barbecue. It’s where I cook meat and vegetables, outside! It also uses gas so here is my gas bottle.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed todays lesson ad you’ve learned lots of new vocabulary from our kitchen! You can find more lessons, courses and recipes on my website at and I’d love to hear from you on my facebook page.

See you next time!


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